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Copper Run Is A Freight Broker

What We Do / What We Can’t Do / What We Won’t Do

Copper Run Motor Freight, Inc. Is a Freight Broker.

That is all we are.

We do not own trucks, we do not lease trucks, we do not employ drivers, we do not contract with owner-operators, and we do not operate trucks.

So we can’t say, or even imply, that we have a fleet of trucks. Because we don’t.

We don’t even want a fleet of trucks!

We do make arrangements with carriers who do have trucks, so that they will carry our customers’ freight.

And if our customers’ shipments are straightforward to deal with, if they can be picked up and delivered without too many delays, and if we pay the trucks quickly, then we will continue to be able to make arrangements with carriers to use their fleets to carry our customers’ freight.

So carriers have fleets, but we do not.

And we can’t say, or even imply, that we are a carrier. Because we aren’t.

Do other Freight Brokers operate fleets of trucks?

Not if they are a Freight Broker. By law, Freight Brokers cannot own, operate, lease or control trucks. No way. No how.

So read very carefully when you see phrases like: “… Our drivers …”; “…our partner trucks…”; “… thousands of trucks across the continent…”; or, “… equipment in every province and state… “.

If you see these phrases, ask questions and obtain paperwork before you do business – you might be surprised at what you learn!

As a customer, you have the right to know what business your suppliers are in, and you might legitimately wonder why a potential supplier might want to fudge its self-description, or imply that it is something that it isn’t.