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Our Knowledge = Your Power
Find out what a freight broker is and how we give you fair prices, plan shipments and do the paperwork

What We Can’t Do

We’re good, but we’re not superhuman. So there are some things we can’t do.

Some examples:

We can’t fix a broken truck any faster than the mechanic can, especially if the mechanic is waiting for a part.

We can’t make the driver go faster (and repeatedly calling him/her to see where they are only slows them down).

We can’t waive the laws so that you freight can be delivered sooner.

We can’t fix the weather.

We can’t open closed highways.

We can’t open closed plants and warehouses.

We can’t fix incorrect customs-related paperwork (we used to be able to, before 9/11)

We can’t make the Customs or FDA inspector at the border work overtime.

But we can help you plan your shipment to minimize the probability that these types of things will become issues.