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Our Knowledge = Your Power
Find out what a freight broker is and how we give you fair prices, plan shipments and do the paperwork

What We Do

As our customer, this is what we do for you:

We do everything that can reasonably be done to ensure that every one of your shipments that you assign to us goes smoothly, from quotation to invoicing.

Here’s a typical chronology:


We learn as much as we can about your shipment, the pick and delivery locations, the shipping process, and any special requirements you may have.
We look for shipping options that may save you money, or time, or both.
We determine what we will have to pay a truck to carrier to provide your requested service.
We issue you a written / e-mailed Fair Price quote.
We answer any questions you may have concerning the quote.

Truck Sourcing

When you assign the shipment to us, we look for missing details, and we confirm all the details with the shipper and the receiver, and, if necessary, the customs broker, or other third party.
We verify every detail – better to find out now than to find out later, when the freight may be 1,000 miles away.
We use several methods to source a truck, depending on your shipment requirements, your lane, and current market conditions.
When we find a truck, we make the necessary arrangements, we verify the carrier’s cargo insurance, and we issue a written / e-mailed shipment confirmation, that includes all of the details the carrier needs, and has attached any documents, information or instructions that the carrier will use.


We trace the pick-up – is it on schedule, have any problems arisen, is there any action we need to take.
If there is a significant pick-up delay, we will call you.
If there is a very significant pick-up delay, we may source a replacement carrier.
We will also follow the paperwork trail, to ensure that what is supposed to happen, is happening.
If there are delays, we attempt to reduce them, and we advise our customer.
If the shipper has truck or paperwork problems, we will step in to solve them.
When the shipment is loading or has loaded, we issue an e-mail alert to our customer that includes the planned delivery date.


We track the shipment.
We establish that the shipment is where we think it should be.
We watch for any signs of problems.
If necessary and appropriate, we update delivery information.


We track the projected delivery time until the truck arrives.
We deal with any paperwork or load issues that may arise on delivery, including any claim.
When delivery is in progress or has been completed, we issue an e-mail alert to our customer.

Paperwork and Invoicing

We review the shipment paperwork for irregularities, and we pursue them if there are any.
We check for costs for additional customer-generated work that may have been required, and we review each item with our customer.
We issue our invoice.