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What We Won’t Do

Despite all of the service and support things we will do to make your freight shipments problem free, there are some things we won’t do. Perhaps others will do these things, in fact we know that there are others who will, but we won’t.

We won’t do:

Anything unsafe
Anything illegal
Anything unethical

And we won’t request or counsel anyone else to do anything unsafe, illegal, or unethical.


We won’t ask a driver to run over hours;
We won’t book a pick-up / delivery combination that cannot be achieved within legal driver hours;
We won’t ask or advise anyone to run with an overweight load;
We won’t ask or advise anyone to run with an improperly-secured load;
We won’t ask a Canadian driver to load or unload a truck in the U.S, or vice versa;
We won’t book a 53-foot trailer for anywhere in New York City, except for JFK Airport.

Over the years, we’ve been asked to do each of these things, more than once, and we’ve lost business because we’ve refused. It’s our line in the sand: some draw their line differently.

And, we won’t lie:

If we give you information about a shipment or a truck, we are giving you the information as we know it, based on what we have been told by others, e.g., a carrier’s dispatch office;
If we strongly suspect that the information we are passing on may be false, we will tell you that we suspect the information, and why;
If we are lied to, we expect the party responsible for the lie to bear the consequences, whatever they may be.