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Fair Price Quotations

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Copper Run quotes prices that it believes are Fair Prices. These Fair Prices are all-in prices.

Unless additional tasks are required or delays are encountered during transportation, the Fair Price quoted is the total price that we will invoice you to move your freight from origin to destination.

Our pricing philosophy and rationale is described here: What is Fair?

We want to offer our customers the lowest possible Fair Price, so they can control and reduce their freight transportation costs. Helpful information on the factors that will impact a price, positively or negatively, are provided here: Reducing Costs & Prices

And this is where we come again to cooperation and teamwork. The more information a customer can provide regarding a shipment, its physical description, its loading and unloading options and constraints, its preferred transit time service, and any other relevant features, the more precise our Fair Price quotation will be. Increased detail and precision almost always means a lower Fair Price.

Each of Copper Run’s Fair Price quotations are subject to truck availability, as well as to important terms and conditions.