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Quotation Turnaround Time

In normal circumstances, Copper Run will provide Price Quotations in accordance with the target turnaround time targets and standards listed below.

In many circumstances, simple Price Quotations will be issued much more quickly, particularly if the quotation request offers complete information regarding the shipment weights and dimensions, the loading and unloading circumstances, and the type and level of service requested.

Quotation requests may be e-mailed in, faxed in or phoned in, either directly to Copper Run’s Pricing Department, or though your Account Representative. For fastest turnaround, e-mail your request directly to pricing@copperrun.com. This e-mail address is continuously monitored by multiple staff from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday.


Rush quote, verbal – turnaround target 2 minutes

Simple quotations – turnaround target: 1 hour
(1 – 4 lanes, 1 – 4 shipments) – turnaround standard: 2 hours

Multiple lane quotations – turnaround target; 2 hours
Multiple shipment quotations – turnaround standard: 3 hours

Remote origin or destination – turnaround standard 1 day

Full quote – turnaround target 1 day
(1 skid to full load) – turnaround standard 1.5 days

Quotes requiring – turnaround target 4 hours
Partner input – turnaround standard 1 day
(dependent on when we receive inputs)

Up to 20 lanes – turnaround standard 1.5 days

Up to 100 lanes turnaround standard 1 week

Intermodal quote – turnaround target 4 hours
turnaround standard 1 day
(dependent on when we receive current rail rate inputs)

Quotes requiring – turnaround standard case-specific
specialized equipment or service availability research