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Terms & Conditions

Copper Run’s quotes are structured to highlight the details that are likely to be of greatest interest.

But they also subject to Terms and Conditions, the legal stuff you need to know to protect yourself and to understand the assumptions we have used in preparing our Fair Prices.

If you have any questions about our Terms and Conditions, call us. We can explain the meaning of each section, including:

  • Which clauses may or may not affect you in certain circumstances;
  • How the structure, protection and stability created by these Terms and Conditions works to your advantage; and,
  • Why it is important in a successful business relationship to have a structure of well-established and well-understood ground rules

The Terms and Conditions listed below apply to, form part of, and govern every commercial transaction between Copper Run Motor Freight, Inc. and it’s existing and potential customers. They are by design and/or reference an integral and defining component of and apply to every price and service quotation, verbal or written, provided by Copper Run Motor Freight, Inc.

In the event of a conflict between these Terms and Conditions and the Terms and Conditions shown on the face of a specific quotation, the latter shall govern. These Terms and Conditions may be changed by Copper Run Motor Freight, Inc. without notice: the most current copy of the Terms and Conditions is available by request from pricing@copperrun.com .

Terms and Conditions

Note: the word “above” as used in the Terms and Conditions provided below refers to the area on the face of a Freight Transportation Price Quotation issued by Copper Run Motor Freight, Inc. that is located immediately above the location of the reference to Terms and Conditions.

Freight Transportation Price Quotation Terms & Conditions:

Copper Run Motor Freight, Inc. is an independent freight broker, a.k.a. property broker. Copper Run Motor Freight, Inc. is not a carrier, and does not consent to being, and must not be, identified on a Bill of Lading or on any other paperwork as a carrier. Subject to truck availability, for the quoted Price, Copper Run will source and assign a qualified Carrier for the above transportation service. Unless noted otherwise above:

1. Exclusions: quoted prices and services do not include provision of, by any party(ies), or charges for: household, over-dimensional or dangerous goods; temperature control; appointments; special permits; blanket wrap; driver assist; driver team or expedited transit time; residential, tailgate, or inside delivery; weekend or pick-up or delivery; trailer drop or demurrage; waiting time at loading or unloading in excess of 30 minutes (6 skids/12 feet of trailer or less) or 1 hour (7 skids/14 feet of trailer up to a full load) or waiting time in excess of 30 minutes at a border; driver layover; customs broker services; bond fees; unloading or diversion for inspection; detention; re-loading; re-routing; extra stop(s) or travel distance; re-delivery; no load; diversion or delay due to paperwork deficiencies or due to overweight (axle or gross) loading. Neither Copper Run Motor Freight, Inc nor the carrier we contract. will accept any liability for late delivery fees, appointment re-scheduling fees or non-compliance fees. Shipment cannot include, without prior arrangement, dangerous goods, alcohol, tobacco, firearms, explosives or consumer electronics or computers.

2. Maximum Cargo Liability / Cargo Insurance Limitation: Prices quoted above are based on the carrier bearing a maximum cargo liability equal to the lesser of (a) the shipment value, and (b): for shipments originating in the U.S.: $cad150,000 per full load, or $cad6,000 per standard 4′ x 4′ skid spot; and, for all other shipments: $cad2.00 per pound: any shipment of a greater value must be so identified in writing to Copper Run prior to being shipped: absent such notice, the above maximum liability limits shall apply. Copper Run Motor Freight, Inc. does not at any time have care management or control of any shipment, and therefore does not accept any liability whatsoever for cargo loss or damage however caused, and/or for any other matter arising from the use of cargo vehicle(s) or equipment: such liabilities may generally lie with the carrier(s) having care, management and control of the cargo and equipment.

3. Maximum weights: In all cases, the local jurisdiction’s gross weight and axle weight laws and regulations take precedence, and it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the shipment is loaded in such a manner as to be in compliance with all applicable local and en-route weight laws, as well as with all applicable en-route load security laws. For shipment planning purposes, the following weight limits provide helpful guidelines: For 48’ and 53’ tandem-axle trailers: dry van – 45,000 lbs: reefer – 43,000 lbs; flat deck – 46,000 lbs. Per standard 4′ x 4′ skid spot: 1,800 lbs. Per linear trailer foot: 900 lbs. Maximum weights may be reduced at some times in some jurisdictions due to Spring Thaw or other mandated restrictions.

4. Unless noted above, Price Quotation is valid for 30 days. Terms: Net 30 days.