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Pre-Planning Shipments

Transit Time Tools / Load Security / Sealed Trailer / Cabotage

Copper Run believes that planning shipments is best done as a joint activity between us and our customer. However, the customer has to start the ball rolling, and Copper Run will then offer advice and assistance as warranted.

1. The following Planning Checklist identifies the items that must be considered for each shipment, and applies to virtually every highway freight shipment:

  • Identify and quantify the shipment
  • Commodity
  • Weight
  • Dimensions
  • Temperature control required?
  • Special handling required?

2. Equipment Type

  • To accommodate freight
  • To accommodate loading
  • To accommodate unloading

3. Routing

  • Origin
  • En-route stops (pick-ups or deliveries)
  • Destination
  • Cabotage

4. Transit Time

  • Earliest and latest arrival dates
  • Transit time
  • Transit time options
  • Expedited serviced required?
  • Earliest and latest ship dates

5. Paperwork

  • Bill of Lading
  • Customs Documents
  • Special Documents
  • Customs Broker Review?

6. Load Security

  • Skid orientation
  • Skid securement
  • Toppling protection
  • Shifting protection
  • Securement equipment required?

Much of this information can only be planned and prepared by the shipper / customer. However, Copper Run is able to provide whatever advice is required with regard to making the shipment truck-ready and road-legal, and in determining the appropriate service type and planned transit time.