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Find out what a freight broker is and how we give you fair prices, plan shipments and do the paperwork

Choosing A Freight Broker


Have they been around long enough?
Long enough to expect that they will still be here tomorrow?
Long enough to have proven financial capability and stability?
Long enough to have a solid track record of excellent service?
Long enough to have a good reputation with carriers?


Do they know what they are doing?
Do they have the knowledge to get out in front of events?
Can they handle unusual situations?


Do they go the extra mile?
Are they relentless detail hounds?
Are they committed to your success, or are they just moving paper?


Do they give you the bad news you need, or just the good news you like?


Do they have a $75,000 U.S. Surety Bond for trans-border shipments?
Is their brokerage a separate legal entity from any trucking operation?
Or are they not fully legal for trans-border assignments?


Do they retain copies of carriers’ insurance certificates?
Are they registered Certificate Holders?
Do they carry their own contingent cargo insurance?


Do they have a service philosophy, with an organized delivery plan?
Do they pay attention to details, and do they trap information?
Do they accomplish the task, in a realistic time frame?
Do they anticipate and resolve issues?


Is it a Fair Price?
Is it too low? Too high? Too unrealistic? Too good to be true?

Rank these features in their order of importance to you, and then measure your freight broker against them. And then rank Copper Run.