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Copper Run’s History

The Beginning

Copper Run Motor Freight, Inc. was founded in January, 1997 by a husband and wife team. Each of them had multiple years of previous experience in a variety of line and staff responsibilities in the freight transportation industry. As circumstances sometimes happen in life, they found themselves with the desire, the skills, and the opportunity to launch a freight brokerage.

The Name

Many have asked about the roots of name “Copper Run”. It has no meaning, no background, and no personal connection. It is simply a name that is intended to be different and memorable.

The Service Offering

From the outset, Copper Run was designed, built and managed to be different. The focus would be on customer service, fair pricing, detail, operational honesty, and corporate stability. The owners had experienced a variety of corporate strategies, some very successful, and others, not so much, and they resolved to set a high bar for Copper Run.

The Future

As the company grew, additional staff were brought onboard, usually from outside the trucking industry. We looked for aptitude and attitude, rather than for task-specific knowledge. The hiring strategy approach was to be able to train in desirable habits, rather than have to train out undesirable habits.

And we wrote our own dispatch software, partly so we could tailor it exactly to the strategies and standards we felt were necessary to support the customer service package we wished to offer, and partly so we would have the in-house capability to quickly modify and add elements, such as new reports, in response to specific customer requests.

Through the years, we have grown and evolved, but never so fast as to jeopardize our original service standards. We have jealously guarded the integrity of our customer-focussed business approach and fair pricing that together have brought us such a fulfilling degree of customer satisfaction and loyalty. For this, we thank our customers.