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A Time For Teamwork

There is a problem to be fixed. It is a time for fast and decisive action. And it is a time for teamwork.

This is not about some touchy-feely social theory – this is about solving problems, quickly and fairly.

When you have a problem, we are going to bring our A-game to get it resolved. Whether it is a load destroyed in an accident, or just a driver who doesn’t have a pick-up number. If we can solve it with a phone call, we will. If we have to dedicate a staffer to work your problem full-time, we will. We are relentless.

But we can’t do it alone.

We will always need your help so that we can help you, better:

  • You know details that we don’t know
  • You have paperwork or photographs that we don’t have
  • You may be on-site and able to see things that we can’t see

Without you, we can’t go very far, or very fast, toward the solution.

So you need us, and we need you. We both need teamwork.