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Why Teamwork?

Why teamwork?

It is our philosophy, proven by our experience, that teamwork solves problems faster and better.

Humans Make Mistakes

On this earth, on this continent, working to earn a living, in this industry, and reading this web site… at the end of the day and after all is said and done, we are all just a bunch of humans. We may speak different languages, we may eat different foods, we may dress differently, we may enjoy different recreation, we may have different priorities and values, but we are all just a bunch of humans. And because we are human, sometimes we make mistakes. And things do go wrong. And plans fail. And the freight is late.

Things Can Go Wrong

At Copper Run, as good as the rest of this website says we are, we still make mistakes. And our customers and our shippers and our receivers also make mistakes. And the carriers and their drivers who we source make mistakes. And people we haven’t met and don’t know and will never meet or know, make mistakes that result in highways being blocked by wrecks, or in dock doors that won’t open, or in paperwork that won’t process through Customs. And there is also snow, and ice, and hurricanes, and tornados, and wash-outs, and debris-covered roads and all that stuff that may not be mistakes, but sure can cause a lot of trouble for just being random events.

Issues Must Be Solved

And so there are issues. And these issues have to be solved. And no issue has ever been as important as the exact issue that you are staring at right now, and for the entire length of time you are staring at it. If that issue has anything to do with any shipment for which you asked for our assistance with, then our job at Copper Run is to do what we can to make that issue go away. Because you have another issue looming, or maybe it is just time to chill for a while. But whether we caused the issue or not (and if we caused it, we will own it), we will do everything we can to make it go away.


And we can almost always make issues go away more quickly when we get help – your help. So when you ask us for help!!, we are going to turn around and ask you for help!!. And for cooperation, and then together, with Copper Run’s leadership and experience and your on-site visibility and knowledge, we will team up to solve the issue.

Because at the end of the day, we are all just a bunch of humans who sometimes make mistakes, and who together can minimize, mitigate and resolve the negative effects of those mistakes.

So we’re going to help you with the problem, and we can produce a much better result, much more quickly, if you help us help you. Just asking … For teamwork.