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Delayed By Other Shippers’ Freight


Your LTL shipment cleared Customs without a problem, but someone else’s shipment on the same truck did not clear, so the truck has been held by Customs at the border.


  1. The carrier calls us to tell us your shipment has cleared, but another shipment on the truck has not cleared, so the entire truck is being held at the border. There is usually no way to estimate the expected length of the delay.
  2. We will call you to advise you, and we will keep you advised as information and updates become available.

    Shipping LTL as a sealed Truckload is more expensive, but the advantages may be significant for you:

    • Your shipment will not be delayed at the border while other shippers search for the information needed to correct their paperwork;
    • Your shipment will travel door-to-door over the fastest routing;
    • Your shipment will not be handled multiple times, or be switched back and forth between city and highway trucks;
    • Your shipment will be loaded the way you loaded it, and will not be stacked, or broken down, or turned, or touched in anyway by anyone else
    • Your shipment will not be mixed or co-shipped with hazardous, odiferous, dusty or otherwise obnoxious freight.
  3. When the truck is released, we will tell you, we will give you the carrier’s expected delivery ETA or window (this will be the earliest time that we have been able to negotiate on your behalf), and we will confirm with you that you can take delivery at that time.


Delivery of the shipment will be delayed by 1 – 3 days. There will be no additional charges.


When you make an international LTL shipment, you are assuming the risk that the other shippers who have freight on the same truck (whose identities you have no way on knowing) are at least as careful and accurate as you are when they prepare their paperwork. If they make mistakes, the truck will be subject to being held.

However, it is worth noting that selected carriers have earned the right to be allowed by Customs, in most instances of paperwork problems, to depart the border with a mix of cleared and uncleared freight. They are slowed to deliver the freight that has cleared. In this instance, the delay may be minimized, and perhaps eliminated. Reflecting this capability, these carriers’ rates tend to be higher, but we will use them for our customer’s shipments whenever they are available.


Delivery of your LTL freight is delayed by one business day.