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The Driver Broke Down


The driver of the truck that has your shipment on-board has become ill, and must stop driving.


  1. The carrier has advised us of the situation, and we will advise you.
  2. The carrier will determine whether the driver is likely to recover after a rest, or whether the illness is such that driver will be unable to proceed. Based on this determination, the carrier will develop a plan for the truck.
  3. Unplanned slip-seating a truck is a complex matter that takes time to execute and ensure compliance, and it would be unusual to have a replacement driver immediately available. If the original driver cannot continue, a delay of at least two days should be expected.
  4. Once the carrier’s plan is known, we will advise you, and we will keep you updated regarding progress


Typically, the original driver is able to carry on after some treatment and rest. The new result will be a 1-day resulting from the driver falling ill, but no additional costs.