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Find out how we can help you with resolving claims, shortages, damage and loss

Financial Matters


Somebody is asking for money they are not entitled to.

The types of issues listed below relate to problems with money – either we are asking for too much money as the result of a billing error, or an unauthorized or unknown person is attempting to trick you into paying money you don’t owe.

We generally learn of these problems either from directly you, or as a result of our shipment tracking activities uncovering something that seems amiss.

At their simplest, the problem is an incorrect freight bill. At their most complex, the problem is a scam that results in unauthorized billing or diversion of funds, perhaps by unknown parties. We have had experience with the full gamut.

Examples are:


  • You want us to know about it
  • You may need our guidance
  • We need you to tell us what is or isn’t happening


  1. Refer to the sub-headings noted above, to see if your problem if referenced above. If it is, go to the referenced sub-section for more detail.
  2. Do not try to resolve the situation until you have spoken with us: we have dealt with your problem before, and our advice will be focussed on saving you time and money.
  3. We will tell you what you can do, what you can’t do, what we recommend, and how we will assist you.
  4. If the matter involves the carrier or carriers, we will make any necessary arrangements with them, including cancelling improper invoices.


We will let you know how and why your specific issue occurred, and what, if anything, you can do to reduce the chances of it happening again.

If the problem results from human error, it can be easily and quickly corrected.

If the problem results from human greed and/or criminal activity, it will take much longer to resolve, but we will take if off your plate immediately.


We will tell you how we and others, faced with similar issues, have resolved them in the past. Once you have alerted us to the problem, there will be neither delay nor cost to you.