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My Bill Is Wrong


You have received an invoice from Copper Run, and it appears to be incorrect.


1. Call us immediately, and tell us about the error.

2. We will review your invoice and the supporting documentation, quotes and communications.

3. We will respond to quickly: if we have made an error, we will issue a corrected invoice the same day.


We issue thousands of invoices every year. To accomplish this, we have designed a system with nested checking routines to ensure those invoices are as accurate as possible. To the extent possible, the invoicing process does not require new input: it is based on using original input, drawn from and vetted in the already-completed quoting, dispatch and tracking processes, to generate and populate invoices. The human input is to review and authorize, rather than to input new information.

But if there is an error in the original information that is not caught in the input vetting process, or something changes as the shipment is in progress than is improperly or incompletely recorded, then an incorrect invoice may result.

Having said that, we still do issue a miniscule number of incorrect invoices each year. When that happens, it is our responsibility to quickly correct those invoices, and to learn what we did wrong in to avoid making the same error again.


A corrected invoice is issued immediately, the same day. You may be inconvenienced or frustrated, but you will not overpay.