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Incorrect Auto-Notification


You just received an e-mail from Copper Run that reports that a shipment was picked up or delivered, but you know that is dead wrong. You know it is wrong because you are standing on your dock!


  1. Call us to report the truth. Our error is embarrassing, but it is also important that we know of the error, because it will tell us that something is amiss. Specifically, the information that generates our auto-notifications come straight from the carriers, so if we are telling your something that is incorrect, it means that the carrier on your shipment has told us something that is incorrect. So it begs the questions: why?, and is there a problem that is being covered up?
  2. We tell you who gave us the information that led us to send an incorrect e-mail, and we will go back to them and get the most correct information possible. We will seek answers to the two questions noted above.
  3. We will give you the revised information that we have been given (probably by the same person who previously gave us incorrect information), with our apologies.
  4. If there is something amiss, we will examine the issue, and will develop a solution in conjunction with you and the carrier.


As a broker, we are a middleman. And we are a middleman not only in terms of matching shipments to trucks, we are also a middleman in terms of information flows.

We do telephone and e-mail shipment tracing throughout each day, but we are totally reliant on the information that carriers give us regarding whether or not their truck has reached your dock. So when we pass on information, especially in the form of auto-notification e-mails regarding pick-ups and deliveries, we own both the good information and the bad information

However, we do keep notes and we do have a recorded carrier quality rating system. So we are able to black-list carriers who have difficulty with the truth.


While the information that we have passed on is incorrect, as long as the incorrect information is not being used to mask a problem, there is no impact on service that occurs as a result of incorrect information.

In every case, we research the shipment in question, and we obtain the most correct, up-to-date information that we can, and we pass it on to our customers.