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Wrong, or No, Pick-Up Number


You the use pick-up numbers to enhance the security of your freight, and you have told Copper Run the pick-up number for this shipment.

The truck has arrived for the shipment, but the driver has either the wrong pick-up number, or no pick-up number.


  1. STOP: Do not load the truck.
  2. Call us and tell us about the problem. In many cases, the carrier will already have called us to report the same issue.
  3. We will check our records to see what pick-up number we have, if any.
  4. We will speak with the carrier to determine whether:
    • The driver has been given the wrong pick-up number, or has mis-understood the pick-up number.
    • Copper Run has given the wrong pick-up number to the carrier;
    • Copper Run has neglected to give the carrier the pick-up number.
  5. Usually this research solves the problem, and we advise the carrier and the shipper of what has happened, and how we are correcting it.
  6. If our research does not solve the problem, then we contact the shipper or our customer to:
    • ensure that the shipper has not mixed up some loads, and given the wrong one to the wrong carrier. This is not uncommon when there are multiple similar loads moving simultaneously between the same shipper and receiver;
    • make sure that a pick-up really is required for this shipment – some shippers need a pick-up number for some shipments, and not for others, and it can sometimes be difficult for the dock staff to keep things straight.
  7. Once the pick-up number issue has been resolved, loading can commence.


Pick-up numbers serve a very useful purpose in helping ensure that the right freight goes to the right destination. This is particularly important at large shippers who may have dozens of docks loading simultaneously. So they serve this purpose very well, but they have to be passed on several times, and each transmission is an opportunity for an error.


The impact of an incorrect pick-up number will be a loading delay, but only very rarely a loading denial.

If the error is discovered during business hours, the problem is usually resolved within 10 minutes. After hours, it may take up to an hour to resolve. There are no fees assessed.