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Wrong Trailer Type


You have specified a specific type of trailer/van/deck, for example a reefer, or a tri-axle trailer, for your shipment.

The truck has arrived for loading, but the trailer type is different from what you specified, or different from what you can load.


  1. Do not try to load the truck.
  2. Call us to advise us of the problem, and to confirm that you cannot load the truck.
  3. We will speak to the carrier to determine why they sent the wrong trailer type, and whether they can quickly supply the correct trailer type.
  4. If the carrier cannot supply the correct trailer type, we will reject the truck and will source a replacement truck on your behalf.
  5. Provided that you have described the type of trailer you needed when you gave us the booking, there will be no charges.


A mis-communication has occurred, which may be a matter of misunderstanding information we provided or, much more likely, may be a matter of the carrier’s dispatcher ignoring (perhaps intentionally) written instructions.


Usually, a new truck must be sourced, usually from the same carrier, which may or may not delay the shipment pick-up and / or delivery by one day.

CAUTION: We had a situation in which the carrier intentionally sent in the incorrect trailer type, because it was convenient to do so, the shipper knew it was the wrong trailer type but loaded the freight anyway, and the entire shipment was completely destroyed. Do not load the wrong trailer type.