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Shortage / Damage / Loss: Resolving Claims

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No matter how you look at it, claims are ugly.

Nobody wants them, they disrupt normal business activity, they take time to sort through, and they can be difficult to resolve to everyone’s satisfaction.

Copper Run Believes that:

IMMEDIATE PRIORITY – all claims, however small or large, must be given immediate and high priority

DON’T DELAY – claims have an inherent propensity to drag on, so Copper Run will always try to minimize delays, without sacrificing thoroughness.

FULL DISCLOSURE – complete information and fully transparent disclosure are crucial to speedy resolution

PROACTIVE SUPPORT – Copper Run must be as proactive as possible, in order to manage and
overcome the many delays that can occur in the resolution process

SINGLE CONTACT – claims get processed most expeditiously when each involved party
designates a single point of contact

How Copper Run Resolves Claims

Our responsibility is to our customer:

With our customer’s permission and on behalf of our customer, we will initiate the claim process with the insurance company, and we will investigate, track, facilitate and negotiate progress toward resolution, always guided by our customer’s best interests and instructions.

Our resolution standard is fairness:

The very existence of a claim means that something has gone wrong. If a resolution is to successfully right the wrong, or at the very least mitigate the loss, it must be based on a fair investigation of the circumstances, a fair assessment of the value of the loss and a fair allocation of responsibility for the loss.

Our priority is speed:

Delay begets delay. Copper Run gets on the file right away: we assign an internal claim manager, we recruit assistance, we fast-track the collection and distribution of all of the available information to all of the involved parties, we establish timelines, and we follow-up on action items.

Our approach is based on thoroughness:

The best, and the fastest, claims settlements are based on the best information and the most complete understanding of what happened. In the first hours and days following report of the loss, an important part of Copper Run’s contribution is to collect and disseminate information. As the investigation proceeds, we watch for and encourage resolution of information logjams.

Copper Run keeps proactively working on the open file until the claim is settled.