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Cargo Insurance

Our Customers and our Customers’ Freight Shipments are Protected

Copper Run insists providing on multiple layers of cargo insurance protection for every shipment we broker.

The Primary layer of cargo insurance, often in the range of $cad250,000 per incident, is carried by and in the name of the carrier we select for the shipment. As part of the carrier selection and qualification process, we require proof of current cargo insurance, in an amount sufficient to cover the entire value of the shipment we are offering them, as described to us by our customer. In every instance, we would select a carrier with a cargo insurance limit (greater than $cad250,000 if necessary) sufficient to protect against a total loss

The Secondary layer of cargo insurance, $cad500,000 per incident, is in the name of Copper Run Motor Freight itself. This layer is “contingent” cargo insurance, meaning that it is designed to come into play in the event the primary cargo insurance coverage does not perform. Copper Run offers this additional insurance protection to its customers at no cost.