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Customer Protection Policy – A Second Layer of Back-Up Protection:

  • Copper Run Motor Freight carries $cad500,000 in Contingent Cargo Insurance coverage
  • This Contingent Insurance is part of Copper Run’s standard Value-Rich customer service and protection package. It is Secondary protection that far exceeds the actual value of almost every shipment that Copper Run arranges. It even exceeds the amount of Primary cargo insurance carried by most carriers.
  • Copper Run provides this layered cargo insurance protection to Copper Run’s customers at no additional cost: value-added at no added price.

What is “Contingent” Cargo Insurance?

Contingent Cargo Insurance is Secondary insurance that comes into play after, not simultaneously with, the carrier’s Primary insurance. In the context of a freight brokerage, contingent cargo insurance comes into play in instances when the carrier’s Primary Cargo insurance does not fully cover the loss.

Having this added layer of protection in place gives Copper Run the opportunity to provide its customers a measure of additional protection against in-transit cargo damage and loss.

How Does Contingent Cargo Insurance Work?

As with all insurance, there are multiple conditions that must be met before a claim will be honoured. Conditions that apply in the case of Contingent Cargo Insurance include:

  • The primary insurance, i.e., the carrier’s insurance, has declined or been unable to pay some or all of the claim. This determination may take as much as six months to be determined.
  • The claim must be re-filed and reviewed anew, and must be judged to have merit.

It is important to understand that, while Contingent Cargo Insurance may well provide the desired protection, because it is fall-back by design, it will often take longer to process than Primary insurance.