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Customer Protection Policy – Primary Protection via Carrier Cargo Insurance

Copper Run requires that the carrier that we source for your shipment must have sufficient documented cargo
insurance to cover the maximum insured value of your shipment.

But we can only apply this policy if you tell us the insurable value of your shipment.

So when you ask us to source a truck, it is important that you tell us the value of the freight you will be loading onto
that truck. This is particularly important if the shipment is of “high value”, i.e., greater than $cad2.00 per pound.

Carrier’s Cargo Insurance: must be current and in force

Currently Valid Cargo insurance

Copper run will not assign a shipment to a carrier unless that carrier has provided copper run with a Certificate of Insurance, issued by the carrier’s insurer, that confirms that the carrier has a current cargo insurance policy in effect.

Certificate Holder

In addition, copper run will not assign a shipment to a carrier unless that carrier’s insurance company has made, or is in the process of making, copper run a “certificate holder”, which obligates the insurance company to formally notify copper run if the cargo insurance policy is revised or cancelled.

Computerized Lock-Out

Copper Run’s computerized shipment dispatch system is designed so that it will not issue a shipment to a carrier unless and until Copper Run has received a current certificate of cargo insurance for that carrier.

Carrier’s Cargo Insurance: Must be Sufficient

Shipment Value

Copper Run attempts to ensure that every carrier that we assign to a shipment carries sufficient cargo insurance to cover the full insured value of the shipment. But to make this process fully effective, we need our customers’ cooperation: specifically, we need to know the value of each shipment offered to us.

Please tell Copper Run the value of your shipment no later than when you ask us to source a truck for you: if you don’t, your inaction could put you in an under-insured position.

Full Loss Coverage

Provided that the customer has told copper run the value of a shipment, Copper Run will select a carrier whose cargo insurance coverage is at least sufficient to cover the full insured value of the shipment in the event of a total loss.

To facilitate the carrier selection process, Copper Run’s computerized dispatch system includes records of each carrier’s current cargo insurance coverage and deductibles, as provided on their Certificate of Insurance.