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Find out how we can help you with resolving claims, shortages, damage and loss


The ability to make a successful claim for cargo damage/loss can be significantly enhanced during the first hours after the damage/loss is noticed. We suggest critical initial actions here – what to do, and what not to do – if you think you have discovered a problem.

Because the claim procedures are complex, because there will be multiple players involved, each with their own perspectives and priorities, and because the insurer’s representatives will have multiple simultaneously active files, you are best to have someone on your side. Copper Run is able to assist our customers through the process, if our customer so chooses and authorizes.

Copper Run’s proactive role to provide assistance during the claim preparation, investigation, evaluation and resolution phases, if and to the extent our customer wishes and authorizes, is described here.

The entire claims process is governed by long-established procedures and expectations. It is therefore best to ‘draw within the lines’ that have been pre-established by legislation and by the insurance industry. An overview of the cargo claims process is found here. What you do not want to be doing, as a claimant with a potential reimbursement on the line, is trying to be the author of brand new procedures in the very structured and regulated insurance industry.