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Find out how we can help you with resolving claims, shortages, damage and loss

Copper Run’s Pro-Active Role

When a loss occurs, Copper Run will do absolutely everything in its power to achieve a fast and fair resolution. Our rapid and capable response and support in claim situations is one of the most important elements of the Value-Rich service package we offer all our customers.

As soon as we become aware of a possible loss:

In the first 30 minutes and to the extent possible, we will:

  • Develop a preliminary understanding of the nature and extent of the loss
  • Notify the carrier, by telephone and/or e-mail/fax, that there has been a reported loss that will potentially result in a claim;
  • Ask the carrier to determine, within minutes, whether they are going to have their driver or a third party make any inspections on scene, and whether they agree to have the freight unloaded;
  • Immediately begin to assemble documentation regarding the shipment and the damage, including photographs;
  • Prepare the outline of a case-specific resolution strategy.

In the first day, we will:

  • Draft a Notice of Claim for our customer, as required;
  • Recommend and request that we be authorized, by our customer, to discuss the claim and assist with its resolution with the involved insurance company, carrier, and other parties.

IF AND WHEN we are given the necessary authorization by our customer to do so:

In the first week, we will:

  • Complete the initial Notice of Claim documents;
  • If the value of the loss is small and the cause of the loss is clear, propose an immediate restitution payment option to the carrier, that is available to be acted on within 48 hours – this approach can often yield a full settlement of a claim in less than 2 weeks;
  • If the value of the claim is large, or if the cause of the loss is in dispute, or if the carrier refuses the 48-hour restitution option, release the formal claim documents for processing by the insurance company

After a formal claim has been filed, on behalf of, and with the on-going permission of, our customer, we will:

  • Regularly track the progress of the claim with the insurance company and with the adjuster;
  • Propose solutions to resolve any impediments that occur during the investigation process;
  • Facilitate communications and information flows;
  • Regularly report to our customer on resolution progress and timing.

Copper Run understands that the claim and insurance process can be complex, well-established, and seemingly too slow. An insurance company can take 3 – 6 months to process a claim: our experience is that most are resolved in 4 months or less. However, as frustrating as that may prove to be, the process must be followed.

We believe it is our responsibility, on behalf of our customer, to smooth and expedite this process to the maximum extent possible.

It is to your advantage to benefit from Copper Run’s experience!