We offer fair prices, relentless thoroughness, transparent honesty, corporate stability and team-based support and solutions

Our Values

fair pricing / relentless thoroughness / transparent honesty / corporate sustainability

Fair Pricing

We believe that fair prices should include the entire cost, including known accessorials, of providing the requested service to the standards expected by the customer, plus a very modest ROI to foster corporate stability.

Anything less is foolhardy, anything more is unscrupulous: either would be short-sighted.

Relentless Thoroughness

We believe that successful shipments occur most reliably when all of the details that support each shipment are accurately identified, defined, communicated and tracked: it is our responsibility to make sure that all of that happens.

For us, sourcing a truck is only one task in a series of tasks, that are together necessary to achieve a satisfactory delivery.

Transparent Honesty

We believe that transparency and honesty is crucial, especially in an industry that is unfortunately known for stretching, fabricating, ignoring, obfuscating, or being uncomfortable with the truth.

We’ll tell you like it is, as best we know it, and we’ll warn you if we think the information we are passing on to you may be suspect.

And if it’s our error, we will own it and we will mitigate it.

Corporate Stability & Sustainability

We believe that a company, in order to provide timely, reliable and fairly-priced services and customer support on an on-going basis, has to be stable and sustainable. To us, the key ingredients of stability and sustainability are a keen sense of customer service, well-trained and empowered staff, an excellent industry reputation, and modest profitability.

Achieving and maintaining these key ingredients is our daily objective.

Teamwork: This Includes You

We believe that two hands are stronger than one, that two brains are smarter than one, and that two people working together can get more than twice as much done as one person working alone.

We’ll provide our best services, and we’ll resolve all the problems that may occur along the way, but the more you help us to help you, the better will be the end result.