Fair Price

We offer fair prices, with no extra charges for fuel, normal border crossings, or copies of paperwork

Commodity Trading

Sourcing Surplus Capacity

Copper Run is in the business of sourcing and managing the use of surplus highway freight transportation capacity. That is a fancy way of saying we identify and secure available space on trucks for our customers’ freight.

Surplus highway freight transportation capacity becomes available whenever a highway carrier has, or anticipates having, a truck that is not full. Like any good business faced with spare capacity or extra inventory, highway carriers put their empty space on sale.

Supply Imbalances

Across North America, there are lots of copper runs and there are lots of highway carriers. And there are lots of trucks with available space and there are lots of shipments looking for available space. Economists call it supply and demand.

But there can also be imbalances. Perhaps the available space is miles away from where the available shipments are. Or perhaps there are lots of available shipments and hardly any available space. Or vice versa.

Peer-to-peer Reputation

So how do the available shipments and the available space get together? As always happens, a trading market has been organized, established so that buyers and sellers can meet and haggle. In the age of the internet, that market is virtual.

And how are the imbalances resolved? In the commodity market, using, as always happens, price.

Equally importantly, the rates we are able to establish with carriers, and therefore the prices we are able to quote to our customers, are also influenced by our peer-to-peer reputation in the commodity market, and by our experience with the intricacies of the market.

For very good reasons, and for the direct benefit of our customers, Copper Run is just as fair to the carriers as we are to our customers.

That reputation and that experience are important components of Copper Run’s value-rich service offering. Put them to work for you, now.