Fair Price

We offer fair prices, with no extra charges for fuel, normal border crossings, or copies of paperwork

Price Choices

Different companies will quote different prices for what may appear to be the same freight transportation service.

The reasons behind the differences matters to you: the reason the prices are different is because different companies use different pricing strategies.

Each of your potential suppliers’ pricing strategies are based on their own unique company values, strengths, priorities, planning horizons, marketing techniques, and financial targets.

A Suppliers Customer Service Values & Financial Priorities Should Match The Purchaser’s Values & Priorities

The best pricing strategy for a purchaser to look for in a supplier, is the pricing strategy that is most compatible with the purchaser’s own company values, strengths, priorities, planning horizons, marketing techniques, and financial targets.

For example, if you market your products based on their superior quality and your continuing after-sales service, you don’t want to choose a supplier who focuses on low costs, low prices, and short-term planning horizons.

In the freight transportation marketplace, you have price choices:

  • Cheap prices: You get what you pay for… or maybe you don’t. Learn More
  • Fair prices: You get everything you need, and you pay what you should. Learn More
  • Value-added prices: Value-added that comes at additional cost, not added value… beware of fabricated metrics that do nothing more than obfuscate the reasons for higher prices. Learn More
  • Discounted tariff prices: Your “special qualified customer” 76% discount is almost as good as everyone else’s “are you still breathing” 82% discount, and there will be extra fees for obviously required tasks and services… you might even find a fuel surcharge applied to waiting time. Learn More

Fair Prices are the only prices that Copper Run offers.
Fair Prices are the prices that best represent Copper Run’s values and service standards. If your company values align with our company values, then we would like you to sample our prices.

And when you choose Copper Run, we will tell you the all-in fair price up front, before you ship.