Fair Price

We offer fair prices, with no extra charges for fuel, normal border crossings, or copies of paperwork

Zero Paperwork Fee


It’s that simple.

$ Zero
Zero %
Zero $/mile
Zero $/trip

It took a lot of heavy-duty thought and time to come up with this complex formula.

But it takes very little effort to explain it. It has a nice ring to it. People like it. It is very Fair.

And we don’t jack up our base prices to cover fuel costs.

We hope this makes it much easier for you to predict your highway fuel surcharge costs.

Why Zero?

Because paperwork is a part of trucking, and most of the paperwork, e.g., bills of lading, commercial invoices, are legal documents that are either required to be prepared, used, and retained during and after the performance of the trip, or are required post-trip to prove performance and support payment.

The customer needs the paperwork, the broker needs it, and the carrier needs it. So what sense does it make to charge for something that we all have to have, and that we can’t function without?

So we don’t charge. One more example of fair pricing.