We are relentless in planning details, anticipating issues, mitigating difficulties, resolving problems, and preventing crises

After Delivery

Even after shipment delivery has been completed, our relentless approach to customer service continues, and we continue to vigorously monitor the appropriate details.

We check the documentation for indication of damages, diversion, unauthorized interlining, unnecessary cross-docking, or out-and-out fraud. We check weights, skid counts and cargo valuations against our pre-shipment data, and we check identity and clearance information on the documents against the details we store in our carrier profiles.

In almost every case, there is nothing in this information that indicates a problem. But occasionally we find something that allows us to advise and assist our customer’s in respect of damages, mis-loading, or customs clearance issues.

And always, we hold on to what we learn: the data we review for each shipment, each customer, and each carrier are retained in our database, and often provide useful background and planning information for subsequent shipments.

Information we don’t want to forget is added to our database as ‘private’ notes, and helpful ‘heads-ups’ details for carriers (e.g., shipper is at lunch from noon to 1 p.m.) are added to our database in such a way that they will automatically print out on subsequent orders.

We really do pay relentless attention. From start to finish. In fact, from before start to beyond finish.