We are relentless in planning details, anticipating issues, mitigating difficulties, resolving problems, and preventing crises

Before We Book A Truck

Before we book a truck, one of our relentless practices is to confirm the most current information about your shipment, even if we have handled the ‘same’ shipment for you in the recent past.

And we ask that you tell us if something has changed, e.g.,

  • This next shipment is a high-value shipment
  • You have updated dock hours
  • You have new driver procedures
  • Your after-hours contact information has changed
  • You have a new Customs Broker

If a shipper or receiver is new to us, we’ll be on the phone with them to learn about:

  • Their dock size and features
  • Access to their dock
  • Shipping/receiving hours
  • Prior notice and/or appointment policies
  • Fork-lift / pallet jack availability
  • Pick-up and delivery numbers
  • Special equipment requirements
  • Required safety equipment
  • Driver instructions
  • Documentation procedures
  • and about anything else that may impact our service to you.

To plan and provide the best possible service, we need to know each of these details, and we are relentless about learning them, and about passing them on to the carriers we use.

It’s almost as though we were sending our own truck to move our own freight!