Rock Solid

Our corporate strength and stability helps protect both our customers and carriers

Carrier Protection

Trust Accounts / Payment / Double Brokering Protection

In Copper Run’s view, carrier relations are just as important as customer relations, and carrier protections are just as important as customer protections:

The better a broker treats its carrier partners, the more available they will be to take the broker’s shipments.

When dealing with Freight Brokers, carriers want:

  • “Clean” freight
  • Well-priced freight
  • No cancellations or pick-up delays
  • No waiting time

But most importantly, carriers need:

  • Prompt payment in full
  • Fair payment for unexpected accessorials, whether or not the broker is paid by their customer.

Copper Run tries very hard to respond to the carriers’ wants, and promises (and has kept the promise for more than 2 decades) to meet their needs.

Copper Run deposits all monies received from its customers into Trust Accounts, from which the carriers are paid before Copper Run’s other obligations are met.

Copper Run pays its carriers in 30 days, or sooner, after receipt of all necessary documentation.

Copper Run protects carriers who have unwittingly ended up with Copper Run shipments as a result of double-brokering or other scams: Copper Run will pay such carriers immediately, provided that they invoice Copper Run directly, so that they are fully protected against not being paid as a result of a 3rd party’s duplicity.