Rock Solid

Our corporate strength and stability helps protect both our customers and carriers



Copper Run issues carrier payments no later than the 30th day after receiving a complete invoice from the carrier with the relevant supporting documentation, including a Bill of Lading and a signed Proof of Delivery.


Copper Run also offers two accelerated payment options:
Next Day, with a 5% discount
10 Days, with a 2.5% discount

If a carrier submits more than one supported invoice during a week, all of the carrier’s invoices received that week will be paid together, on the 30th day after receiving the first of the multiple invoices.


If the supporting documentation for an invoice is delayed, the 30-day payment clock will not be started. The clock will only be started when all documentation has been received.

If the supporting documentation for an invoice is lost or otherwise unavailable, the carrier’s invoice will be put in a “pay when paid” status. The unsupported invoice will be paid on the later of the 30th day after the date it was received, and the next business day after Copper Run receives payment from its customer.


Payments are made by mailed cheque: A carrier may pick up a cheque at Copper Run’s office, but Copper Run will not courier cheques, even if the payee sends in and/or agrees to pay the courier.

If a carrier has not received a cheque 30 days after it was mailed, Copper Run will issue a stop payment on the cheque, and will mail a replacement cheque the next business day. There will be no charge the first time this occurs, but on second and subsequent occasions there will be a $25 fee.