Rock Solid

Our corporate strength and stability helps protect both our customers and carriers

Corporate Strength & Stability

Qualified Staff / Financial Stability / Giving Back

Strength and Stability are hallmarks of every successful business. Regardless of whether a company provides goods or services or both, regardless of its position in its chosen marketplace and , regardless of its size or age, strength and stability are necessary pre-requisites to longevity and success.

Strength and stability are also pre-requisites to being capable of providing responsive and complete customer service, even in the face of difficult market conditions and unexpected operational events.

Over more than two decades, Copper Run has built on its financial strength and hardened its corporate stability through the provision of fairly-priced, value-enriched relentless customer service, featuring the personal touches of a boutique provider.

We are fortunate to have retained a highly qualified and experienced staff, each of whom are cross-trained and empowered.

We have managed a profitable operation in every fiscal quarter of our 20+ years in the service of our customers, building on our corporate financial stability with each passing year.

And we had taken the opportunity to contribute to those who are pursuing public causes that have special meaning for us.