Rock Solid

Our corporate strength and stability helps protect both our customers and carriers

Financial Stability

In business, stability and strength starts with values and knowledge. But stability is only possible with financial health.

As a shipper / receiver, you want a freight transportation supplier who is in it for the long haul, who can roll with the day-to-day financial bumps of a rough and tumble industry, and who has both the desire and the resources to protect your interests when unexpected events occur, as they will. In short, you want a financially healthy supplier.

You want a supplier who is modestly profitable, who plans to be in business for many years to come, who has built the stable business model that is necessary to do so, and who has taken prudent steps to protect both its own interests and those of its customers.

Copper Run began brokering freight in January, 1997. In every single one of the dozens of fiscal quarters since that first day in business, Copper Run has turned a modest operating profit. And throughout, Copper Run has earned and maintained extraordinary customer loyalty.

Through a recession.
Through international trade fluctuations and reversals.
Through devaluating foreign exchange swings.
Through a tripling in fuel prices.
Through targeted price competition.
Through the introduction of ELD’s

Planned, managed, and delivered: continuous strength and stability. That is the mark of a company you want to do business with.

And it is that strength and stability that translates directly into being able to offer our Value-Rich service package, to every single customer. It is our plan, it is our standard, and it is the only way we know.