Rock Solid

Our corporate strength and stability helps protect both our customers and carriers

Qualified Staff

In the description of Copper Run’s Boutique Freight Brokerage, we listed and described our staff’s strengths. What does each of these strengths mean for our customers?


We have been hired not only for our subject-matter knowledge and our professional work ethics, but also for our inter-personal skills. So we know how to listen and how to explain, as well as how to plan and execute. When you speak with us, we’ll listen and ask until we understand what you want, not just what we think you need.

Specific Experience

You want the peace of mind that comes with knowing that people your have hired to look after your freight transportation needs are people who know what they are doing. Based on the breadth of our experience, we are those experts.


Cross-training gives us the capability and the flexibility to respond immediately to our all of our customers evolving needs. But it also means that you can work with one primary contact at Copper Run – that one contact will have the knowledge and skills to understand all of your needs, and to bring together all of the skills that are necessary to provide the service you want.


You’re going to get the straight-up facts from Copper Run, as best we know them. Which means that, if there are issues and you need to make decisions, you will have the best  information possible from which to generate and evaluate your options, and choose your course of action.


When you speak with Copper Run, you are speaking with a person who can make all of the representations and decisions that are necessary in the normal course of business. Unless your situation is very unusual, you won’t have to wait while a more senior person is brought into the loop.

Extra Special Care

Everyone at Copper Run is at Copper Run because they know how to, and they are proud to, focus on the specific details of each customer’s needs. This is the service level that we want you to receive from us: an unexpected consequence of this approach has been that many of our customers have, over time, become very comfortable with a specific member of our staff, a person who they feel is best able to provide that extra special care and attention that we want for all our customers.


We know that if we fail, it will appear to our customer’s customers as though our customer has failed. We own that customer service responsibility.

Supply Chain Urgency

Time matters, and we know how to measure and manage shipping times.

We Know Fair

Everyone at Copper Run subscribes to our corporate sense of fairness. So regardless of what we are doing for you, or of who is doing it for you, you will receive the fair treatment that is a hallmark of our people, and our service.

We Know Trucking

You know how to make widgets – we know how to move widgets. It is our knowledge in our particular field of expertise that you are accessing when you hire Copper Run.

We are a Freight Broker

We can get you a truck, and we will get you the right truck.