Rock Solid

Our corporate strength and stability helps protect both our customers and carriers

Customer Protection

Compliance & Transparency / Layered Security

When customers choose a service provider, they expect to receive delivery of the services with timeliness, professionalism, quality, responsiveness and transparency. They also expect protection against the unusual, the unexpected and the unforeseen.

Copper Run’s customers receive exactly those protections, based on our 3-pronged approach to planning for any eventuality:

  1. Copper Run is compliant and transparent, and requires that the carriers it selects for its customers’ shipments to also be compliant and transparent. Among other items, Copper Run is licensed, bonded and insured, and we maintain trust accounts as prescribed by law. We will not use carriers who cannot provide 3rd party documentation proving they are licensed and insured, including current with their worker’s compensation coverage.
  2. Copper Run offers layered protections for our customers’ shipments. Not only do we insist on having current cargo insurance certificate from each carrier we assign shipments to, we also carry $500,000 in contingent cargo insurance ourselves. The contingent cargo insurance provides a back-up layer of customer protection in the event of cargo damage or loss.
  3. Copper Run also provides our customers with defences against the more common scams found in the trucking industry. In a nutshell, none of our customers who pay us for a freight move will ever have to pay a second time for the same freight move. Copper Run has systems in place to detect possible scams, and to react to them if they are detected.