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Copper Run Motor Freight, Inc.


The carriers Copper Run selects to carry your freight
Incorporated Copper Run was incorporated in the Province of Ontario in 1997. Must be an Incorporated or Registered business.
Licensed Copper Run was authorized by the Ministry of Transportation to provide intra- and extra- provincial freight brokerage services (Ontario has since eliminated the authorization process)

Copper Run is authorized by the U.S. Department of transportation (DOT) to provide inter-state freight brokerage services

MC #: 294897

DOT #: 614922

Must have a valid Ontario Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration (CVOR), or the equivalent licensing issued by another province

Must have a valid U.S. DOT operating authority for inter-state freight transportation

U.S. registered Copper Run is registered with The State of Michigan as a foreign freight broker operating in the United States

Copper Run is Registered with The National Motor Freight Traffic Association for the purpose of maintaining a Standard Carrier Alpha Code (SCAC)



Must have a U.S. State Registration

Must have a NMFTA SCAC Code



Copper Run carries $500,000 cargo insurance, issued by Continental Casualty.

This is “contingent” insurance, meaning that, in the event of a loss, it comes into play only if and when the primary insurance coverage, that held by the carrier, does not cover a loss.

Policy #:


Must provide a current certificate of cargo insurance

Must make Copper Run a “Certificate Holder”, which obligates the insurer to advise Copper Run in writing if there is a change in the insurance

Must carry sufficient cargo insurance to cover a total loss, based on the customer’s valuation provided when booking the shipment



Copper Run carries liability insurance, issued by Aviva Insurance, that responds to the activities of Copper Run and its personnel.

This insurance does not provide coverage for activities by any carrier, shipper, receiver, or customer, or their personnel.

Policy #


Must provide a current certificate of automobile liability insurance, in an amount that meets or exceeds the legal requirements specified by Canadian and U.S. governments
Bonded Copper Run has a $75,000 Surety Bond, issued by Guarantee Trust.  This bond is required as evidence of financial strength and stability, in order to qualify for a U.S. DOT freight brokerage authority.

If a broker fails to pay a carrier, the carrier can rely on the surety bond for payment.

Bond #:


U.S. law explicitly prohibits carriers from brokering freight that is external to their fleet, so they do not need this Surety Bond.
Trust Account The Province of Ontario requires that freight brokers hold funds paid by customers for freight brokerage services in a trust account, separate from the broker’s general funds, until the carriers who provided those services have been paid.  If the broker fails to pay, the carriers can rely on the trust account.

Copper Run maintains $CAD and $USD trust accounts with the TD Canada Trust bank.

Trust Accounts:





Workers’ Compensation Copper Run is registered in and fully current with the Ontario Workplace Safety & Insurance Board Firm Number:


Copper Run uses only carriers for whom there is documented proof of participation in the

Workers’ compensation insurance program required by the carrier’s home jurisdiction.

Revenue Canada Copper Run is registered with Revenue Canada for purposes of:

  • Income Tax
  • GST / HST
  • Payroll Source Deductions
Business Number:

89058 9351